Sompasauna Tutorial

Sompasauna has no staff, you have to help out! Fetch water, make firewood, donate wood or money, ... Sompasauna doesn't work without everyone's contribution.
Here is a list of things how to help.

Follow the rules! Sompasauna is a place for everyone, and to maintain a nice and friendly atmosphere, we ask everyone to follow our rules.

At Sompasauna, we have declared Saunarauha, sauna peace. Read more about it here. In short: don't make a fuss, get drunk, start a fight or otherwise make your fellow saunagoers uncomfortable. A sauna is supposed to be safe for everyone. We have zero tolerance for harassment.

Don't come to sauna when you're drunk or intoxicated. You are a threat for yourself and others. We hold you fully accountable for all actions you take while drunk, it's not an excuse to behave stupidly.

Help out! You can find ways to contribute here. If you are unsure, ask regulars or write an email to the board, Leave the saunas clean and return your cans and bottles to the recycling box - we return them and invest the money into the saunas.

No seawater to the stoves!!! It decreases the lifespan of a stove massively. Don't throw water to a cold stove, let the sauna heat up again first. Be kind to others and don't overdo the löyly without asking or giving others the opportunity to leave if it's getting too hot for them.

Loudspeakers and campfires are prohibited. Sompasauna is not a party place. Please do not disturb the sauna enthusiasts with your campfire. There is a piano and a guitar in the sauna for making music, it is more than welcome to make some music. All open fires are prohibited: taking wood from the saunas to a private campfire is theft and will be treated as such.

No reservations or private events. The area is dedicated to sauna only. No big gatherings, parties, private events or unnecessary hanging out. Avoid coming to sauna in bigger groups, especially during rush hours.

Don't block the parking lot!! Ensure that the road to the wood storage is always accessible. No wood, no sauna. The wood is sometimes brought by big trucks, so make sure to really leave enough space for them to pass.

No overnight stays on the sauna beach. Camping is prohibited.

Take care of others and ask for help if you need it!