Sauna Peace

We have declared saunarauha (sauna peace)
- don’t be stubid!

Sompasauna should be a safe space for quiet and relaxed Sauna experiences also in the future - it’s everyones shared responsibility to ensure this. So how can you help to achieve that? What does “saunarauha” mean?

At Sompasauna there is zero tolerance towards any kind of harassment or inappropriate and disturbing behavior. Sauna is an almost sacred place for many of us, a place to calm down and relax. Violence, sexual harassment, intoxication, or other behavior that causes problems and is disturbing doesn't belong here. Misbehavior (especially when families and teenagers are around) is taken very seriously and can have consequences up to a permanent gate ban.

Nudity or sauna in general doesn’t have any sexual connotation in Finland! It is not okay to stare at- or comment on someone’s body. Sompasauna is also not the place to hit up women.

As Sompasauna does not have staff members and the regulars and board members can not always be around and keep an eye on everything, it’s important to underline that it’s EVERYONE’s right and responsibility to ensure a safe and relaxed sauna experience. We therefore especially encourage EVERYONE to intervene if there are any incidents or signs of misbehavior! Whether you are the victim yourself or it’s someone else - speak up, don’t tolerate this behavior!

Here is how to react in disturbing or dangerous situations:

  • If the incident involves violence or other potentially criminal acts: Call the police immediately.

  • If it’s less serious, tell the person to stop and/or leave the sauna area.

  • if you see someone feels unsafe: offer your help and support.

  • Ask others for help!

  • If you don’t feel safe to intervene during the incident: send an email to and report about it, we take all notifications very seriously.

We also introduced an anonymous form where you can report incidents - our #safesompis responsibles Iida and Juliane will go through it and react to it. Link to form:

Please be a supportive, responsible, and respectful saunagoer. Don’t be stupid, don’t let others be stubid.