Media Info

Media Guidelines

Sompasauna Assocation

Privacy protection and “saunarauha”, sauna peace, are especially important to us. If you are interested in filming, photographing or other media at Sompasauna we ask you to follow the media guidelines:

Let us know well in advance when you want to visit Sompasauna, no later than three working days before the intended visit. This enables us to inform the saunagoers in time and organize someone who will host you. Please send an email to if you want to visit Sompasauna for media coverage.

The visit has to end before 16:00. Especially in the evenings, the sauna area is often very crowded - therefore we want to keep the rush hour free from any external disturbances.

Permission has to be asked from EVERYONE in any picture or video, no matter if they are filmed from far away or if faces are not visible. There are no locker rooms at Sompasauna and many sauna goers are naked, so the presence of a camera can feel very disturbing. Therefore, it is especially important that only people who have been asked for permission are filmed/photographed. The filming has to happen in a way that doesn’t disturb other sauna goers who don’t want to be part of it, and that no one is filmed accidentally. This concerns the whole sauna area. It’s the responsibility of the media person to ask for permission and make sure the media activity doesn’t disturb the sauna activities.