Sompasauna is a wood-burning self-service public sauna, built and maintained by a group of volunteers in Helsinki.

Visitors enjoy the sauna and swim in the sea at their own risk; there is no lifeguard or staff on-site.

The sauna is open around the clock and free for everyone to use.


Sompasauna is located in Sompasaari Helsinki,  a 15 minute walk from the Kalasatama metro station. Check out the Google map at the bottom of the page.


Visitors bring their own towel (swimsuit optional) and sauna beverages. An open-fire grill is also available to cook sausages.

Firewood is usually available on site but, in winter, it’s advisable to buy a small bag of firewood from a 24h gas station or supermarket.

Throwing water on the stove is allowed. In winter, it’s advisable to buy a canister of spring water from a 24h gas station or supermarket.


  • Do not use the stove if you are not familiar with fireplaces
  • Be careful with sharp and slippery rocks on the seashore
  • Avoid swimming further than 15 meters from the shore
  • Do not throw sea water on the stove. Only use spring water

Ask Finns for tips on how to enjoy sauna – they will gladly help you.

Please remember to keep the sauna neat and tidy. Clean up after yourself and take your trash with you.